[Linux] Native Wayland support

Currently, there is an open bug in Xwayland with glamor that when using Nvidia hardware results in seemingly a broken swapchain in the EGL buffer [1]. This simply means that while e.g. entering text you will randomly see frames from some time ago - the input jumps around and it sometimes takes up to a few seconds for it to show a proper frame again with what you actually entered.

Native Wayland apps are not affected by this. You can start TeamSpeak as a native Wayland window by adding the start parameter --ozone-platform=wayland. It would be nicer if the client would automatically switch between X11 and Wayland mode based on the compositor / DE.
The only problem could be, that there is no hotkey support under Wayland atm. I think, however, that this is completely negligible, as hotkeys don’t really work under Xwayland as well.


I just noticed that using ozone has another advantage.
When using TeamSpeak under X11 the rich text editor is confused by composed characters.
Pressing Compose, ", o should simply be converted to ö. However, when using X and having the rich text editor turned on, it results in ·"ö. But this does not happen when the client is started as a native Wayland window! :tada:


I just noticed another problem with TeamSpeak under Wayland.

When launching TS with ozone as a native Wayland window, it has again no icon, yay!
This happens again as the wm_class property is not set in that case. I wouldn’t necessarily classify this as a bug as I don’t think Wayland support is tested, endorsed, or considered at all.
But, as TS is capable of running as a native Wayland window it would be nice to see this fixed/added as well.

@TS.ChrisR feel free to merge this with either, I was unsure where it belongs.