Linux Server - Best way to Secure /AntiDDos/ Stable - TeamSpeak Server

Hello everyone,
I wanted to ask because maybe there are people here who are experts in this area.
I have a licensed teamspeak server installed on a Linux Ubuntu 20.04 VPS.
6gb ram
8 vCore
240gb SSD
2 Gbps no limit

As my community will be public soon, I wanted to know how to offer the following services.

1- Stable connection (We are talking about 100 users connected together per day)
2- How do I get a good stable and basic anti ddos, just to avoid the lowest DDos attacks.
3- Type of work on the vps to make it more efficient and safer.
4- How to hide my IP server with a DNS
5- Its possible to use maybe a mysql database?

I’m not very well versed in these things, so thank you very much!

Not possible.

Any idea about other points?

Thanks for help

1 - 2 gbps is sufficent
2 - block ports and protocols you don’t need, have some monitoring
3 - safer in what sense?
5 - yes

There is a limit to what you can with anti-ddos - if you get a ddos with 2 gbps (or more) then all the firewall rules won’t help you. then you have to talk to your provider to filter that kind of traffic.

Safer about vps settings

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