Live chat for teamspeak team

Hey. I got an great idea for teamspeak team. It would be nice to get the support threw live chat on this forum or official teamspeak website. Have a great day.


I think that’s too much work for them to handle it.


TeamSpeak is a small company. They would need to hire more people or change the tasks of their current employees to be able to provide 24/7 live chat. I think they are already replying very fast here on the new forum. Also this wouldn’t allow them to focus on the new client that much since for a lot of problems the support team has to contact the developers too.


The most questions that would be asked can be answered by the community as well.
It makes sense to post those questions public in the forum and the whole community + teamspeak team can take a look at it.


Yes, thats a good idea! +1

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Yeah I guess we don’t really need a live chat, this new forum is already enough!^^

It would be too much effort for an livechat, just at the moment…

This is correct. The more I get other staff members to answer posts on here, the less they are focused on their normal tasks, and the slower you guys get updates and new features :wink:

It would be nice though.


Maybe the day when the whole world has ditched discord and using teamspeak Teamspeak guys will need some live support chat.

Its a forum why would u need a live chat support now?

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I would think as TeamSpeak is about that software for communication they would use an “Official TeamSpeak Public Community Server” for such things. I know in the early days of TS3 we had (kinda still have) a server for this. They provided support at a top level, but a bunch of trusted users acted more like regional support for several languages. It was great minus just a few trolls from time to time.


Why? I think this is unnecessary :slight_smile:
They are already replying very fast and not just here.
You can write them on fb,tweeter,forum,e-mail…
That’s more than enough :smiley: