Localizations Teamspeak 5

Will there be Russian localization of the New Teamspeak?
And whether it is possible at a given moment to change how or change the sounds of the notification, suppose using sounds from a Russian-language sound TS3?
Sorry about my English. I write through the translator.

Theoretically it is possible to change sounds. You have to copy TS3 sounds into TS5 installation folder but I haven’t tried it yet so I don’t know if it works. Do it on your own risk! I’m not responsible for damages!

Regarding localizations, they’ll be in a future probably, but we have to give devs some time as there must be everything they want to add before any localization process might start.


It does as long as they have the right name, but updates can override these files again.

You’re right, but (this is only a speculation so take it with a big grain of salt) TS5 Client may have some way of checking file integrity (name, size, etc.). If you change something, it might break, so, in my opinion, don’t fiddle if you don’t need to.