Locked out of my account by email validation

Hey, i changed the email of my main acc (not this one) and while the email validation was in progress i also changed the password. Now i cant login to my acc to validate my email or to change the password. I’m completely locked out.

Who can i talk to? Who can help me?

Thanks for your help.

You have to write a ticket for that.

thanks for the quick response. Where can i write a ticket? I contactet support.teamspeak.com and got this response:
Unfortunately, technical support is no longer available on this platform. The technical team can now be found on the community.teamspeak.com forums.

[email protected]

There is no way to reset your password while your email process is unfinished!

You still got your old email where password request was done on or it was rejected from our service.


wow, my bad. It works. thanks!

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