Log spam files not found

Hi, How can I cleanup my logs. My log is full of errors with some icons and avatars. Can someone help my what do I need to do? I have full access to servers database but I have no idea what to delete from it.

The answer to the first question is by deletion of the logs.

To fix the error you should check users permissions on the whole files folder. Seems like your user can not read or write files into that folder.


Permissions should be fine. All icons and avatars are working fine and they are visible from teamspeak client. I think it’s caused by moving the server. I moved the server to new hosting but I moved only database without the files folder.

The server is trying to open files that actually doesn’t exist on the disk but they are still in the database.

Then you found the problem and the solution is the following

The folder path for the icons is the following.

Assuming that the server may have files uploaded inside channels and users have avatars it’s recommended to copy the whole “files” folder.

I don’t have the files anymore. I can’t copy it back.

Then you can’t really do something about it.
The only way to get rid of the erros messages (file not found) are two.
Either upload new icons in the channels so it will replace them or touch the database directly to delete the saved icons (not recommended).

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I also have this in my logs

2021-02-23 13:08:15.287689|WARNING |PktHandler | |detected incorrectly running system clock (>)

Look at the 2nd Post in this Thread: Detected incorrectly running system clock (<)

I copied one icon to all of the missing icons in the files folder. In the teamspeak client I see all the icons now. So I just delete all of them from the ts client.