Login and Download Teamspeak

Hi all!
I need help!:frowning:
I log in to the site and try to download Teaspeak and it asks to register on the site. Again?!
How do I download Teamspeak??
Thank you

You can download Teamspeak here

If you‘re talking about beta.teamspeak.com, there you have to login with your myTeamSpeak account. You would need the Test Badge (Code: MULTIPASS) as well @FernandoMSantos.

Note: TeaSpeak is not supported by TeamSpeak. Please download the client from the official site.

Thank you for your help.
That’s my problem, it seems that we can only download it by logging in to the site, but I login and when I ask for download, the page to register appears and i can’t download.

hmm…it seems that my antivirus thinks it’s a malicious application and won’t let me download it.
Does this happen to anyone else?

Hi again!
I managed to download the beta version that the antivirus does not complain.
Thank you

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