Looking for tools to monitor channels without activity x days

Is there any tool, addon, bot which can help me monitor activity on all channels on my TS3 Server?
Few (or more) years ago I have tool which work in background on my VPS and track when channel was start to be empty. It generate log file with table where I have list names all of channel and date when on this channel last time be someone. I looking back for simmilar tool but can’t find any.
Anyone can help me?

You can install a bot that can do it for you.
You can set the bot to delete the room if no one enters for X minutes.
Of course you have many other options besides that.

rly? I know that but can’t find tool/bot/scripts with this functionallity. If you want help me give exact name/link

Check the inbox.

You can install sinusbot on your VPS, you have a lot of options besides channels activity.

As @opZ1ca said, there is sinusbot. This was first designed as a music bot so there is an active client on your server where every user can see it (unless you hide it in a channel with subscribe power). After some time they indeed made many usefull addons that you can use with it.
Link: SinusBot - Music for your TS3 and Discord!

From the other there is also “JTS3ServerMod” which is a query bot (not visible to anyone). There are less functions if you compare it with Sinusbot but works fine and contains what you need and more!
Link: JTS3ServerMod - TS3 Server Bot (Idle, Record, Away, Welcome Msg, ...)
There is also the version with the webinterface to do everything from a panel. My opinion, it deserves the small donation to get it (doesn’t have a specific price as i know, feel free to donate as much as you want if you do it): Download newest version 6.5.7 / including web interface build 3039

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