Loosing connection from a server

Hey, i will try to explain, english is not my lenguage, so, sorry if my writing is not good xD

Aprox 2 months ago i started to have problem with an specific server (if you need, i can write the id of every server), i joined and i didnt saw the channels, didnt saw the people, my friend move me to their channel and i cant hear him, he cant hear me, i send him a poke and he recieve it but i never recieve their answer, and finally ,after a couple minutes, “conection lost”, joined again and same problem

We started to go to other server, when we was without any problem for a few months, but a week ago i started to have exactly the same problem

Today i joined an old ts (i used to be there a year ago, and was server admin) and saw i had the same problem, so i dont now what to do

The curious thing is i have other 2 servers when i dont have the problem, and i can be there for hours without any of this happen (the ts i use more time cause its for the clan of one game)

I take some pictures, hope can be useful

Pictures taked on the second ts i talked
(I had the same problem in 3 ts, and can stay without them on 2 at least)

First, your shared images cannot be viewed because the link is invalid.

Secondly, could you please send us your client logs?

Sorry, didnt see it wasnt valid anymore
I tried to join a server and this was the client log (i tried 5 times)

Then i tried in other server where i have the same problem and this is the client log

This is the conecting info: image
In the servers i have this problem, when im going to get disconected i can see this “retrieving”

This last image (not sure if there is any difference on the client log cause i dont understand it very well xD) is when i finally join on the server, but after a minute i lost conection

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The last image (forgot to paste on the coment :sweat_smile:

Seems like something is breaking your server connection.
Possible causes:

  • insufficient bandwidth
  • too much packet loss
  • incoming attacks

Important note by the way: One of the servers you connected to has a TeaSpeak license, which is not supported by TeamSpeak.

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