Lost Admin to my own server

Hi All,

I have no idea how but I am no longer admin of my own Teamspeak.
I’ve read the threads regarding ‘putty’ but it might as well be in Dutch, I just don’t understand it.
I purchased the server via an approved provider (Xwire).

Any SIMPLE walk-through or a way to actually contact someone at TS? Every page I try says it’s been shut down or something?

Pretty pissed off seeing as I’ve only just purchased it.

I accidentally removed my server admin - #3 by Rikku this should help

If you bought the TeamSpeak server from a host, check if you got a panel or query access to give you server admin, if not you need to contact them to and ask if they can give you server admin again.
On the forum we can’t help you.

Is your server no longer online?

Yea, Putty is some Communication Tool for many Protocols, you can Communicate with TS via Telnet and SSH i think, but for that you need Credentials too.