Lost all of badges :( Please help me

Hello there ,

some days ago i got a new system with new windows and stuff and i changed my myteamspeak passwort aswell

After installing teamspeak 3 i tried to log in into my.teamspeak account to activate my badges.
Sadly the system could not sync with my account and i got an error message all the time.
i tried to get a new recovery key with the client but after putting my passwort in the field i did not get any new key to recover the stuff.

So i thought the only way to recover it is to do a fallback .
i was really thinking all is good after that and i can login and sync and use my ovber years collected badges .

Im using teamspeak since over 15 years now and im a big fan but im actually really sad about that stuff…

Is there any way to get my badges back on my account or isit all lost now?

I appreciate an answer and sorry for my bad englisch.

Greetings from Germany

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