Lost Own Server Access on rented server

Somehow, I lost access to my TeamSpeak Server - Cactus Eater ts82.gameservers.com:9118.
At first, was in as ServerAdmin but could not view Server Groups or Client Groups under Permissions.
Following the advice in the Forum, hit CTRL-SHIFT-R to supposedly reset cookies. Then, all went to crap.

After that when I try to log in, I get:

Trying to connect to the server on ts82.gameservers.com:9118
Prompts for entering Server Password… When I enter the password, I get an invalid server password.

I cannot afford to lose my server design, so I hope you can help.

Perhaps a new Priv Key for the Owner/Server Admin?

On another server where I am just a client, I lost all tags.

Thanks much for your help!

Harold Aaron

We can not help to get access back when you have no extra privilege key as backup or any ServerQuery access with login.

Please contact your host to get this resolved.


Done and fixed, thanks!