Lost the ability to administer the test server

After reinstalling the Teamspeak 5 client. Lost the ability to administer the test server. How do I restore permissions?

I had the same thing happen to me. Check if you are using the correct identity in the server bookmark. For some reason they got scrambled around in my case.


I assume TeamSpeak creates a default identity if you (re)install the app and syncs your identity saved in your myTeamSpeak profile after (at the first start of the app).

It should also sync your bookmarks and it’s settings but it seems like it doesn’t sometimes.

It works for TS3 but sometimes not right for TS5 for me, too.


There are 4 identifiers in my profile. But with none of them I can not return the administrator’s privileges. :frowning_face:

Just to make sure…

You have tried to connect with each identity to the server after you’ve edited the bookmark?

yes, I switched profiles and connected to the server every time

Hmm ok.
Unfortunately there’s nothing you can do about this right now.

You need to contact the support to help you.

Use the icon on the bottom right “Support & Help” or send an email to [email protected]

There is one more, fairly unlikely, possibility, you could look into, if you used/use TS3 next to TS5.

Start TeamSpeak 3, Tools -> Identities, check if your main identity a) exists here, and b) is properly sorted into “Synchronized Identities”.

If you backed up your identities into files, you could import it either into TS3 or TS5. Otherwise the support is indeed your only chance.


Did you connect over a bookmark? Changing your profile in the settings doesn´t change it for the bookmark I think so try again and change your profile through editing of the bookmark.


Thanks! It really worked! Only changing the identifier in the profile through editing the bookmark solved my problem!

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