Low groups can grant themself other groups

is it possible to have someone who has more experience to assist me in fixing on Server Groups and their permission. I ben trying to work on this for a few days and its become frustrating. I manage to get old TeamSpeak to work as an admin but now I am having dumb moments

i can teach you my little knowledge if you want ^^. My english in vocal sucks btw

its no worries. anything that could assist me on fixing whats needed is all that matters

ok, tell me everything then ^^.

I was having issues with permission. i had a few tags that had the power to give themselves higher server groups which is something i didn’t want. Rather than going one by one on what setting it was, i ended up deleting them all and re-doing the server groups to make it easy. hopefully, that does help because if it doesn’t fix my issues, I don’t know what permission would be allowing that to happen.

There are only 2 permissions involved here.

i_group_member_add_power > How much power does a user has to add groups to users.

and i_group_needed_member_add_power > How much power is needed to add this group.
This permission must be set on groups or else user can add them without any i_group_member_add_power.

Make sure channel groups do not have higher i_group_member_add_power than a server groups `i_group_needed_member_add_power or else member of channel groups can add them self to a server group.


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Hello, the default group Guest has 4 groups to choose from, which you can give yourself, although this should only go through admins.

What do I need to set to determine what power is needed to be given a rank .

Guest’s i_group_member_add_power must be lower than any Group’s i_group_needed_member_add_power. Or else they can assign a group.

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I did, in my case

i_group_member_add_power 0
i_group_needed_member_add_power 30

i_group_member_add_power 10
i_group_needed_member_add_power 30

so, the newcomer can go to driver rank itself, which should not be

When Newcomer has Channel Admin in his room, then he will have a member add power of 50 (granted from channel group).
50 is higher than 30 and valid to assign driver.

Your Options:

  • Set skip flag in newcomer’s add power and now channel group’s / channel’s add power is ignored.
  • Raise newcomer’s and other group’s needed add power to 51
  • Lower Channel Admins add power
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