Lua scripting, advanced key bindings, and expanding links

I’ve just got access to the Teamspeak Client Beta and so far I’m impressed with it, but there is a few features I wish were available.
Within TeamSpeak 3 I was able to use both Lua scripting and advanced key binding to allow for easy control of bots and users with my keyboard macro keys. This is sadly not possible with the new TeamSpeak Client, with limited key bindings, and no plugin/scripting support.

Another feature missing is the expansion of links. Within TeamSpeak 3 I use Better Chat to expand links showing images, Youtube videos, and GIFs. I feel that this would not be difficult to add to the new client, and would be a very good feature for all users.

PS. If plugins, and scripting is currently possible please just let me know how.


for the moment no, but if i remember well both will be implemented imagine TS without plugins na i can’t ^^.
Same for advanced key binding.