Machine Admin Server Query

Can anyone write me how to give a machine admin server qvery I have an activation license version teamspeak3 3.13.3

It doesn’t matter the type of license. When you made the server the startup message showed you the admin server query password. If you didn’t keep it you are basically screwed.

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everything is saved but I can’t use yatqa to remember the main Admin Server Query to my identity not to give it via server groups but via yatqa

there are a lot of teamspeak3 servers that make a key and walk the machine qvery but I don’t know how to do it

where I enter these parameters (1) use the query console and select your server use 1 servergroupcopi ssgid = 2 tsgid = 0 name = mi \ snev \ skueri \ sgroup tipe = 1 (2) get group ID of the created group servergrouplist (3)) assign ID client to new server group servergroupaddclient sgid = {groupID} cldbid = {clientDBID} kuit