Major Addon Issue

Good Afternoon,

We have encountered a peculiar problem with an addon we have been developing for some time. For some reason whenever someone disables the addon, or removes it from their plugins folder, it results in TeamSpeak crashing on launch, even if there are no other addons in the plugins folder. This issue has been a troublesome one and I can’t seem to figure out what exactly is causing it. If anyone has some insight as to what could potentially cause this type of issue, it would greatly be appreciated.

This problem does not appear to be present with other plugins as far as I can tell, but I haven’t done super wide tests so not 100% sure.

I am pretty sure there are some errors in the shutdown function.
If a crashdump is generated you can debug native to find the problematic code.
It could easily be a memory leak or something like that.

Yeah but the crash doesn’t occur on shutdown, it only occurs when relaunching TeamSpeak with the plugin disabled, could that still be a shutdown issue?

Heres the stack from the dump

I don’t understand how this only becomes an issue on relaunch while its disabled and not on the actual disable if nothing is being called from the plugin.

The only remedy to get out of the crashing on launch is to remove it completely from the addons folder, and relaunch TeamSpeak which will get it to reset.