Make an alert bot at a desired time?

Good morning all.

having scheduled the shutdown of my teamspeak server (dedicated) at 2:00 am, I would like to launch an alert either in the form of a poke, or in the form of a general message 5 minutes before the shutdown of the server? It’s possible ?

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A simple bot can do that, global message is easier and more suitable

To create a bot I can do … what I don’t know is how to schedule the sending of global message at 1:55 AM …?

It depends, how are you creating the bot?

My dedicated server (on a physical tower) starts at 6:00 p.m. and shuts down at 2:00 a.m. Waking up from the bios starts at 5:55 p.m. which starts the PC so windows, server teamspeak and client teamspeak in which a lambda client (the bot called “Alice”) automatically connects to the prison channel to send a sound “prison” atmosphere in loop … (the sound goes through Virtual Audio Cable).
Question: I was wondering if it was not possible to use Alice (who is permanently online) to send a general message “Warning! Server shutdown in 5 minutes!” to warn users that they must finish their game 5 minutes before the server goes out?

How does Alice work? is that just a ts client? to send automatically a message the best option is by query, so just make a localhost query connection at the right time that selects the server and sends the message

Thanks already for answering … Alice, indeed, is a TS client that automatically connects after the server is started (the PC in my garage is only dedicated to running the teamspeak server and teamspeak client (Alice is the only to connect to the server on this PC through TS Client on this PC too) … if I understood correctly, Alice would have to automatically connect at 1:55 am on the local server (that’s it) is okay with me), but I don’t know how to get it to send a message automatically (ie once logged in)? Thanks again for your help.

If you want to do it via Alice you can use this plugin
But i think the best way is a script that does a telnet connection and sends a global message via serverquery or via webquery
check here for info about WebQuery:

Hello thank you for your help … In fact I found an addon: Default Soundpack with User Names which allows to “read” the text whose name users, so I have (modify the addon a little bit ^^) and rename Alice to “the server will be cut in 5 minutes” then with the task scheduler, schedule the start of the client ts3 on the machine dedicated to 1 : 55 AM, and all users can hear the robot’s username correctly, so the message so it works! Thank you !