Make group able to set a server group only for himself [Not possible]

Hi guys!

I have a “Friend” group, and i want every user that has this server group to be able to set himself a “IN-Game” tag, via server-group.

I’ve set the needed_group_member_add_power to 5 and the group_member_add_power to 5 for the friend group, but the problem i’m facing is that everyone that has the “Friend” group is able to remove or add the “In-game” tag to everyone on the server.

I want that the user with the friend group can set the in-game tag only to himself. Is that possible?


Not possible.

There is no group permission setup just for yourself. What you can do to yourself you can do to others as long their permissions an’t higher than yours.

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Ok, got it, thanks for the reply!