Making a user permanent

I’ve got a Teamspeak server on my NAS (Linux based) which I’m the admin of. I’ve created a temporary password and asked a few “newer” friends to join it. They used the temporary password to join the server. I’m not really comfortable giving out my server password to them yet… The temporary password is setup to expire after 6 days and I know after 6 days they won’t be able to connect using that password anymore.

I’m used to the old teamspeak 2 servers where you can create a user account and password for a specific user… however I’m not sure I’m understanding how the new TS3 server and privilege keys work. Ultimately I’d like to make these guys permanent to my server WITHOUT giving them my server password yet.

How can I do this as I know in 6 days these guys won’t be able to connect anymore.

Please let me know what the steps are that I can do (maybe generating a normal privilege key and give it to them?) to make these guys permanent without giving them my server password.


Create a new group (e.g. copy the standard guest group) and add the b_virtualserver_join_ignore_password permission together with b_group_is_permanent. Let them join your server with a temporary password and after they joined your server assign them the new group which allows them to ignore the server passwort.
That way only people you personally invite can join your server (they can´t share a password for the server, you could create a temp password for a few min every time you invite a new friend).

Am I supposed to be doing this from ServerQuery? I looked in Permissions > Server Groups
New (+ sign)
Server group name: “Friends”
Create group using this template: Guest

I don’t see anywhere in there where I can set the virtual server to ignore password… or to make the group permanent.

BTW, I forgot to say. I’m running an older version of the server on my NAS. Version is I think I need to telnet into my NAS and attempt to upgrade it to a newer version but am hesitant as I’m not that familiar with Linux and with my NAS it’s got a graphical interface to install programs. I was able to install Teamspeak server on it years ago but Teamspeak doesn’t show in the app store anymore. I think they’ve since removed it.

its a very old server version xd
installig server on nas is not supported .
I suggest you choose another platform and stay the server and clients up to date :slight_smile:

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