Mass Message Tool

Hello everyone, I wish you a good day
-I use bulk poke for TeamSpeak (mass message tool). But I have a problem, it does not accept Turkish characters, it is displayed as a question mark, how can I fix it?

Sample:Successfully Poked 1 client.
With message: ����������������

-In addition, I would be very happy if you could help me how to translate the articles in this software into Turkish.


I wrote it as a translation from Turkish to English, sorry if I have any mistakes.
I tried to be as open as I could.

Ele disse que NÃO funciona.
Mas como é um plugin de terceiros, não há muito que possa ser feito aqui no fórum.
Terá de contactar o autor do plugin e pedir o apoio adequado do utf8.

He said that it does NOT work.
But as it is a plugin from a third party there is not much that can be done here in the forum.
You will need to contact the plugin author and ask for proper utf8 support.

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