Maximale Codec Qualität to Standard

Hello everybody,

I am currently trying to set that guests can set channels with a maximum quality of 10 as standard. I just changed the default value from 7 to 10.

Two problems arise: First, I cannot set the codec above 7, then everything is grayed out, and second, the quality is only set to 7.

Which settings should / should I still consider?

Many thanks for your help

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Make sure your guests have the permission to set the codex quality up to 10.


I don’t think there is a way to define 10 as minimum audio quaility TeamSpeak uses.
Lower yes ofc but not higher as far as I know.


Hello and sorry for the late reply: /

Too bad that there is no possibility, thanks for your help :slight_smile:

You probably wouldn’t want to enforce a minimum quality anyway.

There are still underdeveloped countries like Germany with horrible mobile Internet at ridiculous prices and those probably couldn’t handle the quality.

But I could see the server recommending a specific quality setting which is automatically set when creating a new channel, with the option to change it if the user desires.

Even low-band-connections like Edge have enough speed in theory for Opus voice.

Edge    - 220 kbit/s
UMTS    - 384 kbit/s
HSPA    - 7,2 Mbit/s

An Opus voice channel like in TeamSpeak (highest quality) needs ~ 7,7 kb/s.

The issue is a stable connection to the server and not the voice quality.

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