Maximum number of connections with the same identity exceeded Error

hello everyone,
i want to play GTA RP with my girlfiend and my teamspeak gives this error:
<16:26:35> Maximum number of connections with the same identity exceeded.
how can i fix this?

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The TeamSpeak server limits the identity which is online (so it’s not multiple).
Please create or use another identity if you want to connect to the TeamSpeak server.

The same identity twice (or multiple in any cases) does not work.

Go to: Tools -> Identites | and create or select a new identity.
Then make sure to connect to the server with the new generated identity.

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i did but it still gives the error i can show you in a video mabey you can help me with it

That Message only appears when connecting and it is because you are already connected to the same server you are trying to connect to, without being allowed to connect multiple times.
If your Connection is bad and you keep dropping, that might be an explanation as the Server will wait up to 20 Seconds before removing the Client if that Client doesn’t answer anymore.

Just to eliminate the possibility:
If you created a new identity and use a favorite to connect, you need to change the selected identity for this favorite specifically, else it will keep using the old one.

i did this bit it still gives the error

That means that your used identity is still connected somehow. Please make sure to use another one.

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You have to select the other identity in your bookmark or connection dialog or else the Default (in bold) will be used.

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Did anyone succeed? Even doing that, it didn’t work

didn’t work. Why can’t we connect for we are using the same internet?

In that case the server is set to only allow one connection per IP address, only the owner/admins of the server can change that in the permissions to allow more connections per address.

Hello, where to ask admin to change (i_client_max_clones_uid) permission