Maximum number of connections with the same identity exceeded help pls

every time I join this server it disconnects me after a few sec, I tried to change my identity but didn’t work.
it happens only for this server , I’m using win11 TS3 3.6.1

It means that someone is already connected with that identity to that server.

Create or use another identity if you want to connect to the TeamSpeak server.
Go to: Tools → Identites | and create or select a new identity.
Then make sure to connect to the server with the new generated identity.

When it disconnects you after a while or moment it means you timed out from server.
The server trys to hold the connection for 19 seconds before it disconnects the timed out client (zombie).

This is why you get the error within these 19 seconds.

@opZ1ca it’s him having the identity. Generation of new ones is pointless.

He @miracoro must fix his connection issues to this server.


And how to fix my connection??
Note: other servers work fine.

I can’t tell you a fix. There are to many possibilities that could be an issue…

It could be anything from your computer, your local network, your internet provider or gateway/routing to target IP or the machine where server is hosted on. Could be software/driver, hardware…

What you can try is to check your LAN cable or use one at all.
Try to ping target server and check for high pings or packet loss.
Ask friends to connect and confirm that it is or isn’t a problem on host side.
… …

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