Maximum number of connections with the same identity exceeded

Me and my brother were gonna play with some friends but I couldn’t join the server because it said title I have tried making multiple identities but it still won’t work pls help :frowning:

You also need to select the new identity when connecting.
Open the connect window, there click on More in the bottom left corner.
Then choose another identity from the dropdown menu Identity.

Already tried that it won’t work :frowning:

Then I guess the IPs are compared on the server and so you need either

  • ask the server owner to increase the number of concurrent connections for you or
  • one of you needs to use a VPN or proxy get another public IP
    (This is also possible by using tethering through your mobile)

ok thanks I’ll try got any VPN recommendations?

No it’s their Identity.

You both use the same identity because you shared your config files.
And one of you must create a new one (Tools → Identities) and select the one then in the bookmark or connect dialog.