Maybe a solution to DDoS

Hello, I want to report a feature I think. DDoS is the biggest problem today. If Teamspeak gives us such a number when installed on the virtual server, E.G: 1562. Conflicts will not occur if this number changes on each virtual server. Thus, if we can log in with the number given to us by the server over TS3 / TS5. The server’s numeric ip address would not be disclosed and I think the Attacks would be reduced if they were a bit.

The best example of this would be Raidcall. :))

This is a useless post

Well tbh where is raidcall today, if heard theres only a russian client out. :slight_smile:

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Anyway: The best way to prevent such overkilled DDoS attacks would be to hide/proxy the «real» IP address. That’s sadly not possible for TeamSpeak and I honestly think that there’s never going to be a new update, which will take a high priority to this issue.

Teamspeak Server Admin’s are keep fighting against these DDoS attacks for years now, but are mostly failing. Well… Such braindead peoples (or skid’s) are keep going to attack random TeamSpeak servers for honestly no reason.

So… your suggestion is nice, but not really sure if it’s ever going to happen once.
It would be like ‹the eighth wonder of the world›.

I’m also suffering from more than 10 DDoS attacks. EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.
(oh and it’s from the same person like always)

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What do you mean?

Hey read this thread please. @TS.ChrisR @Adam

we have good protection, enough 1-2 well-configured firewalls and no attack to reach the server.
the secret is good hosting and plus protection :smiley:

That’s not possible for me, since I use the international weblist to show my server to others. 24/7 attackers are always alive, and hosting provider in these regions are just awful.

i think try ovh or extravm :slight_smile:
we have been with them slowly for 3 years.
we get attacks constantly but don’t get to the server.
of course we also have an extra firewall.
we refine the protection constantly.
so far we have had only one problem :smiley:

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