Memory mismanagement (or whatever you should call it)

I’ve used the new client for ~24 hours straight. I always monitor the memory usage of certain apps in the Task Manager. When the client is just started it uses approx 250MB with highest process using 110MB, which is pretty normal. But after all that time the client became very laggy and the highest process was using around 700MB of memory. Everything fixed itself after a restart.

There is definitely some optimisation to do (It may be painfully obvious and may not be the highest priority right now, but I figured that’s why I’m a beta tester, right?)

And apart from maybe some other issues I haven’t found yet, the new client is looking pretty sick


smells lika a memory leak to me

Update: I think I have found out what the major reason for lags is.

When I leave group chat window open (like Beta Test which gets pretty active at times) the messages pile up and old messages won’t clear from ram, which then results in a very tiny scrollbar and huge lags.

Hopefully that was helpfull

Hey, my Client is consuming over 3 Gigabyte of Ram.

Is there any method to debug, which function does generate such big heap?

Is there any buffer which didn’t get cleared?

The Client is only 8 days online.

I even see that it was using 5 GB, but Windows already has disabled a part of TS5.

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That is your problem, i never had above 300 MB

There was high memory usage a long time ago, but it has been fixed.
I tried many things, but the maximum ram usage was ~300-400MB.
I couldn’t reproduce it.

I think this problem is a 1% problem, I dont know who leaves his client online for 8 days…

The highest I had was 600-700MB and because of that you were online on a server for 8 days & regularly joined users with avatars etc & were in the chat.

On my computer, TS5 has ten times the memory footprint of TS3, and my original reason for using Teamspeak was because of Teamspeak’s light weight. Is making Teamspeak5 a better Discord really a good choice?