Message Bug, when having Train Wifi

I am currently sitting in a train in Germany. The Wifi is that bad, that I cant even talk.

When I use the chat and type a message, and click multiple times send, then the message get sent multiple times.,
But I dont want that.

If I click send, the message box should get cleared or an loading wheel.

The 2end annoying thing is that, that when I clear the textbox and begin to write the next message, it clears it and I need to write it again.

The function to clear should be instantly and not after the callback was received.


Next time you should take a plane, WiFi connection is better than with DB :D:D

The fact that the message is sent several times is a problem when using a very bad connection ^^

When I use 4g in transport on several message application that uses the Internet, I have this problem ^^