Mic stops working when i start a game

Hey !

Since a few days i some trouble with the Sound from TS5
Somehow, as soon as i start a game, i cant speak over TS , no matter how loud i yell in my mic, nothing happens. Sometimes it works like nothing happed.

I already checked if the Mic is set- Tryd Automatic Volume control - Set up the volume gate , put it on " pick everything up you hear 24/7 mode :smiley: "

Re installed.
Nothing work.

Ts3 works fine and so does DC voice.
No freaking idea what i can do

Is the input device still correct after starting the game?
Could you share your audio settings with us?

Yes, when i start the game the Input is still corect

I own this Microphone and never experienced such thing so far.

I can imagine…

Maybe whatever game we are talking about changes the input volume of your device?
** Have you tried another game?

Have you tried to change the hardware volume on the mic itself?

Maybe mic gets disconnected from USB because rest takes to much power. No matter if red light on Mic itself is still on.
Try another USB slot OR change playback to the the Mic (and speaker plugged in) as well and listen if TeamSpeak still can be heard.

Maybe client log shows more? But please only show the log where it happened.


Happens at a few games actually.
At SMITE and Battlefield V it happend very frequently.
I try to set the volume on a diffrent lvl yes. Windows setting always on 100% , on the mic itself its at the second dot, so 80% ±
Just using 6600-680W when im Ingame, so there is way enought space left ( 1000W PS)
I try another USB slot, acutally didnt try that one.

Never had an issue in that direction, kinda suspect tbh