Microfon is cracking while talking

I have the problem that my microfon sometimes start cracking like ■■■■ when im talking. The problem is a ts3 problem only because in my stream my voice is clearly to hear. Im using a Rode NT1-USB Microfon. I also use Voicemeeter. I hope someone can help me with this problem.

AMD Ryzen 7
RTX 2070
1000 GB HDD
240 GB SSD
Water Cooling System

PS: english is not my native language, sorry :slight_smile:

I sometimes have the same problem using Voicemeeter. The problem is not with TeamSpeak but the VoiceMeeter audio cable drivers.
As I use Potato it is enough for me to switch between the output cables.

i dont think it has anythink to do with voicemeeter

iam using a sound interface with a rode Procast and got the same issue on Discord and on teamspeak

since i changed the input in teamspeak to Voicemeeter AUX Output (B2) and all other like stream to Voicemeeter VAIO Output (B1) there is no issue so i think that teamspeak have problems with shared souces?!

This post has maybe the same problem as you are desribing,Microfon knispert beim reden Aber nicht immer - #5 by Simply_Fox

So i think its a driver problem.