Microphone Disabled > Sound Disabled

Hey everyone!

So, I’ve been having some trouble recently. It started today.
I’ve been having no problems logging into TeamSpeak 3 on my Mac (MacBook Pro 13-inch, 2019) when I can’t be on my PC. I have TeamSpeak OS X (3.5.3 Stable) installed. Ever since literally this morning, everything with TS3 OS X has been fine for me.

Then I was speaking, and realized, “Hey, why’s nobody responding to me?” I looked over at the client, and saw “Microphone Disabled”. Not muted, disabled. I have seen this icon before, but never on my side. I then see, before my eyes, it toggle back to normal, then back to disabled again, and then my SOUND also becomes disabled, and I can’t hear.

I’ve endlessly tried configuring audio settings, opened TS3 without headphones on to see if it was my certain headset, tried a different headset, but to no avail. Every time I open TS3 on my Mac, it is fine for a short amount of time, maybe a good minute or two, but my sound and mic will always eventually become disabled.

Does anyone know what I could do?


From the description i would say your sound card seems to be unavailable for a moment and the client can not recover it.

Maybe a client log shows more?


i have the same issue. i was using TS in the morning on my Imac and then in the afternoon my microphone and headphone is disabled. The only;y thing that has no sound is my TS, as I can’t listen to Youtube, so it cant be a hardware problem, it has to be a program problem?

i tried reinstalling and I looked at all of my settings, but nothing fixed the issue?

for some reason there is a big red X on my microphone and speaker icon and i am unable to talk. at one point i was only able to talk at voice activation but then that stopped as well. something about permissions. then when i tried to do the test it said it couldnt open the capture device. i am able to talk and listen on other chat platforms so its not my card or mic. so can someone please help me out with this. and yes i have uninstalled and reinstalled…and done a clean one as well.