Microphone problems in teamspeak 3

Sometimes, after spending a while in teamspeak, the microphone stops working until I restart teamspeak again.

I use:

TeamSpeak: 3.5.6
SO: Windows 10
Headset: HyperX Cloud II (wired, USB)
Speech Recognition is configured in “Automatic” and remove background noise is enabled

The problem is that it is a failure that occurs very occasionally, so it is very difficult to reproduce it, I am afraid that it is a problem with my headset, but it can also be a problem with teamspeak, is it a known teamspeak problem?


What is the log saying when it happens?
Are you using Push to Talk or does it also happen with voice activation?
Tried another USB port?

PS. post above got deleted because a spammer asked the question.


I didn’t look at the logs when it happened, I don’t use a key to speak, I use automatic speech recognition.

The problem is that it is very difficult to reproduce the error.