Missing permission

Hey guys,
i’m missing the permission “b_serverinstance_server_view” permission on the query group (maybe more but i know this one is). Will this get fixed with the permission reset as well? I’m running the current ts3 server version on a linux environment. Maybe there is a way without resetting all the permissions even?

Thank you in advance!

You can add the missing permission by adding it after you connect with the “serveradmin” account.


Is there a step by step guide somewhere?

login serveradmin PASSWORD
use port=VOICE_PORT_OF_SERVER_EG_9987 - i think this is not needed because it’s a query group.
servergroupaddperm sgid=2 permsid=b_serverinstance_server_view permvalue=1 permnegated=0 permskip=0

This gives me

error id=2562 msg=invalid\spermission\sID

I can’t find the permission with yatqa, ts5 client, ts3 client if that helps. It looks like it’s just completely gone/was never there.


error id=2568 msg=insufficient\sclient\spermissions failed_permid=5

Uh, i could take a look on your server if you want.

Will gladly take the help!
Which server should i join for voice? Anychance you can share your screen for me to get an idea what you are doing?

Sent you PM.

Problem solved thanks to @Alligatoras!
The “missing” permission is not part of teamspeak anymore.


Don’t remember that this ever was a permission we had.

I guess you want permission b_serverinstance_info_view ?


Indeed @TS.ChrisR
The one i was refering to is being mentioned in the yatqa query tool and on one or two web-sites. I guess they made a typo of some sort.