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First of all, I must say this forum is great.

Sorry for the moaning

However, one thing that comes to mind, is how split up and “all over the place” the experience of a new TeamSpeak user is.

In order to login, one requires a myTeamSpeak account - fair enough, great stuff.
But then, one can only set an avatar etc. from the new TeamSpeak client only.

Quite problematic, say, when they do not have access to this (especially as there is no way of doing this on mobile atm).

Question Time…?

Will myTeamSpeak get a proper account page, where it is possible to set the avatar and display name globally?

Will “Developers” be able to edit their mobile phone number? Mine, for example has changed since I got the Dev status.

How often does the avatar refresh? I have just given myself an avatar via the TeamSpeak client, but this has not refreshed on the forum. Does it take a re-log for this to take effect? (if so, will this behaviour be changed?)

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@Pantoflarz well said


Okay so here’s what I found…

My current teamspeak avatar(synced from myTeamspeak) was changed like at least a week ago. This one is not in use since a while so I am not sure if its getting synced right now.

Another problem (it might be): Some people like me keep these stupid avatars (which might contain erotic and hilarious pics).

My Avatar: This avatar is not fully nude pic. (At least not bannable by steam AI) but what if people start uploading completely naked avatars? In this case things will grow pretty awkward right? I mean this is a forum for Teamspeak discussion queries and stuff and not for the crappy avatars haha :stuck_out_tongue:

Also the problem is this is a public place, people can keep whatever they like in their own teamspeak server (as long as it is permitted by that community)

People can also put IP’s and websites in the avatars and sync it on TS forums. Evidently TS cannot complain much about it because its an avatar used on TS servers.

I think I should have made another topic instead of reporting this issue here on another person’s topic.


Well like as you can see I raised my concerns well before anyone else can complain about it.

Plus I can keep my avatar on Teamspeak server whatever I want thats the liberty of teamspeak yo :stuck_out_tongue:


Dude thats what I was thinking, read my first post, I was mainly concerned about the forums. (I am not hanging out with my friends here pranking around with stupid avatars).

Plus some 13/14 y/o kids who might have had sex already still they might be mentally effected by this seductive profile avatar. :smiley:

I even tried to fix it or change my avatar on ts but its not getting fixed.


that has nothing to do with syncing them between, TeamSpeak 5 and this forum.

by allowing them in TeamSpeak, there is an acceptance of them being everywhere.

I’m talking myteamspeak account here.



I did a little research myself because I’m too affected by my avatar not changing.

The forum software they are using here caches user avatars. Once they are synced from myTeamSpeak - which is this forum’s single-sign-on provider - they are apparently kept until the SSO notifies the forum that it needs to refresh the avatar. It probably doesn’t do that right now.

The fun thing is: I don’t remember ever setting an avatar, especially since I’m not in the beta. So I guess Gravatar may also be involved and I read that the forum software supports that as well. And I also found evidence that it may be too affected by this very same caching issue.

Good news is: TeamSpeak can probably at least fix the issues of myTeamSpeak avatars not updating. For me who is not in the beta and probably affected by “Gravatar caching”, I guess the forum software needs to be patched so it allows users to refresh their cached Gravatar.

By the way: Gravatar supports content rating. You can upload different avatars for different audiences. If TeamSpeak was to adapt the same feature, it could show different avatars for different audiences.


This is something we’re sorting in the future.

This should be fine also, I’ll talk to the devs about it.


Has there been any update on the “change developer phone number” thing? I also have developer status but my phone number has long since changed. If we already have approved status we should either be able to change it outright or submit a ticket to change it or something. You mentioned that you’d be talking with the devs about it, any update or ETA?

To be brutally honest, the more I think of it, the more I don’t see why you need our phone numbers anyway. Seems like a gimmick just to grab even more personal data.

If you could explain why this phone number is so amazing in proving someone is a developer, then maybe there could be a justification for this in the first place.

Otherwise, this data should be removed, especially since more and more people may find it out of date - a reminder, that we should also be able to change and update this data when we want.

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Hey there!
We just use the phone number as another layer of security, like against automated registrations. There was a time this was an issue :wink: