More than 1000 slots


I have seen some TS server with more than 1024 slots.
It is possible to find a build supporting more slots?

Thank you


Yes of course!

The first way is to apply for an sponsorship license. >> here <<
You can do this, when your server can accomplish to the guidelines.

Otherwise, you may afford an Gamer License. Take a look at the pricelist: >> here <<
The highest price is $500 at the moment (Info: any currencies in USD!)

The max slots amount for both high-end licenses are 1024 slots.

If you need more than 1024 slots, then you gotta write an external message to the ticket support. Mostly, with the Gamer License it would increase the annual price. The sponsorship license will only get more than 1000 slots, when you can confirm, that the slots are used by your community.

>> Contact the TeamSpeak support <<

May I can ask: Do you really need +1’000 slots for (only) user’s?


Hey there! It is possible for us to create a license above 1024 slots, however you will need to send an email to [email protected]. One thing to note is we can only use predetermined licenses that do exist on the system itself (so we can’t build a custom license per say), so if you have a rough idea of what slot count it is that you are looking for, we’ll try and find the best matching options that we have and can quote you for these.

If this is a business venture as opposed to a gaming community/team, you might be better writing to [email protected] instead.

Sponsorships can only go up to 1024 slots and 1 VPS, no more, so if you do require more than this, I would perhaps skip exploring this.