Most BBCode is not working on TS5

Not working bbcode please rapaired

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TeamSpeak 5 uses markdown not bbcode


As said above, BBCode is used in a limited way only for compability with TS3 Client, whereas TS5 uses Markdown.

Also, topic was raised few times, please use search function.

Hello, I was wondering if teamspeak 5 supports all bbcode.

Because i uses bbcode a lot and I have some that I am not showing up correctly.

[size] and [color] not working…

TS5 only supports a small amount of BBCode



TS5 doesn’t really support all BBcode tags.
You may can take a small look into this as an example:

That’s basically how it’s looking right now.

Anyway… [color] basically works in some ways, as you can see it above.

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Hello Teamspeak community,

I started using my teamspeak client since the integration of the whisper support, because I really needed it on the servers I visit.
When I connect to the servers, there is alway a bot texting me about the current news.
But I noticed, that his formatting is all wrong and I could see the raw BBCode of him.
I researched the forum, but the latest posts I could find were from April '20 and were marked as [Released].
This is why I start this new article to ask for suggestions or help regarding the wrong formatting of BBCodes on private texts.

Is it working for you guys out there?
Is there a setting I messed up?
Or is the feature currently not working properly?

Here is a picture of what I mean: Screenshot by Lightshot

If you could help me out, I would be very greatful!

It is not necessarily wrong…
BBCode is simply no longer supported by the new client.
Instead markdown should be used.

Oh, I must had overread that,
Do you have any recommended sites or guides for how to use this “markdown” feature?
I don’t think that I am familliar with this feature, but I would be interested in learning more because I prefer formatted text over plain text. :wink:

The latter is the one I usually use.
A lot of features are not yet implemented in TS5 - like headlines, tables, general HTML, etc…
I really wish they’d support more of the markdown features.

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As said above, that’s not a bug but simply BBCODE is no longer supported in TS5.
You should now use markdown

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I noticed that with Teamspeak 5, if you do a channel description, not all the codes from Teamspeak 3 are taken over.I have a picture of my server in the Teamspeak 5 client.If I go in on my server via Teamspeak 3, everything is displayed as normal as it is should be


Teamspeak 5 does not support BBcode (TeamSpeak - Official TeamSpeak Community Forum)
→ Teamspeak does not understand what to do with the size tags etc.

Edit: it is unknown if the support will come back or if they leave it like that.




On the TS I use part of the community is having a unique channel and fancy layout and on TS5 it looks wack!

BB code will not be supported in TeamSpeak 5 client. TeamSpeak 5 uses Markdown.


Hi, bbcode in ts5 chat not working?
Will there be in the future?

BBcodes is not supported by TeamSpeak 5, because TeamSpeak 5 uses Markdown.