Mouse Hotkeys not being registered in combination with keyboard input

As reported several times on some community ports:

Pressing a Keyboard key while trying to use a mouse only hotkey results in the hotkey not being detected.


Hotkey is set to MOUSE4
Action: Pressing CTRL + MOUSE 4
Expected behavior: TS registering a hotkey and acting as configured
Actual behavior: TS does not register the hotkey


Well you’re pressing Ctrl + Mouse 4, which is distinctly different from Mouse 4, the same way that Ctrl + A is very different from A.

This has become an issue for me as well when doing anything in a game and pretty much having to take my hands off the wheel to be able to mute my mic. Very nice gif btw :+1:

Would be nice to have an option whether or not the input has to be alone or not.

A ticket has already been raised about this through our support system, the devs know about it and it’ll get taken care of as soon as they can.