Move people from default channel to their own only


I’m struggling with setting one thing up.
I have 2 basic server groups - guest & verified. Guest is a guest and verified is regular user and.
Then I have 3 channel groups - Channel admin, operator (admin with less permissions) and voice.
I want to set permission like this:
People with server group guest or verified can be moved from default channel ONLY and can be moved to the channel if the mover is operator or admin in that channel.

Any help is appreciated.

Give them channel admin in both your default channel and their private channel ez pz. Your channel admin must have client move power set exactly the same or higher than Needed client move power in the guest and verified server group. In this case he will be able to move.

But how do I do that? How do I set default channel role for that default room?

That doesn’t work as you wan’t it to work.

A quick example:

Guest & Regular server group - both have i_client_needed_move_power set to 25 for example.
Your channel admin and operator group - both have (at least) a i_client_move_power of 25.

The channel admin as well as the operator will be able to move the clients around.
You can’t restrict or limit the channels both be able to move clients in.
But he won’t be able to move clients in a channel he isn’t able to enter himself.

In other words, just restrict a channel admin to move a client from default channel only will not work as you may think.

I don’t see a problem how the channel admin or operator could abuse the move power in this example.

To restrict the channel admin groups you could set a i_channel_join_power for both.
If you have set the channel permission for join to a higher value then their join power, they can’t enter the channel and can’t move clients into this channel.

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