Move via browser


I was wondering if it’s possible to move users to a certain channel via a web browser. We’re running a game server where users are police officers. We also have dispatchers who issue reports to the cops on the street.

The reports are made by the citizens (players) and come in via a web page.

Some reports are multidisciplinary and require ambulance staff and roadside assistance in addition to police officers. We use separate channels within TeamSpeak for these reports.

We are curious if it is possible to move players via an API (or any other way) to separate channels within TeamSpeak via the web page.

These are predefined channels (Calamity # 1, Calamity # 2, etc). Our preference is to use e.g. the right mouse button and that there is an option: Move to Calamity # 1.

But I would also like to hear about any other possibilities to do this via the web page.

Thanks for thinking along with us!

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Yes, you can query the ts3 server (there are some frameworks for it - for example php framework) and move clients using the clientmove command. (GitHub - planetteamspeak/ts3phpframework: Modern use-at-will framework that provides individual components to manage TeamSpeak 3 Server instances)