Moving problem

My friends can’t move guests to their rooms, but they have power to do so, and they can move them around the server, but not to their own room and if someone moves guest to their room, they can’t move him away. Any suggestions?

Hello, check the permissions in the channel in question!

Which permissions do you mean?

Their move power (i_client_move_power) or channels or targetsneeded move power (i_client_needed_move_power).
To check this the user must be in target channel and then in permissions overview (right click on user) you will get the end result.

My guess the permission is overwritten from a channel group or needed move power in channel is set and is higher than their current move power.


i_client_move_power is set to 95 by users server group, i_client_needed_move_power is set to 50 by server group (guest)
But he can move guest all around the server as i said, but not to his own room which he created. And the channel doesn’t have any needed move power set

You did not make the permissions overview i mentioned. So back to my post above!

Yes this is important. Else you just see what you did setup somewhere but and as you can see there is more. At some point his move power is to low.

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Okay so, I opened the overview, now what? (sorry if im too slow but its my first time setting up groups on ts server)

You look at the move permissions.
Entering move into the filter shows where a move permission is coming from.