Moving to new computer

I have my uniquie ID but cant enter it on a new computer

You mean, you have exported your identity on the computer and you can’t import this identity on the new PC?

create myteamspeak account and synchronize it on your ts client on old computer , and on new pc log in using this account and everything gona be synchronized it worked fine when i was reinstaling my system


i will give it a try thanks

Note: If you created an myTeamSpeak account, then by default your identities and bookmarks are moved to Cloud storage. The cloud can only be accessed if you’re logged in. If you log out or disable Synchronization, all the items will appear to be gone because the client will not access the cloud in those cases.
Check in Tools -> Options -> myTeamSpeak that you’re logged in and that the “Synchronization” box is checked. If not make sure to do both and your identities and bookmarks should be there again. :slight_smile: