Moving User and myself to another channel

Hey there,

i would like to move another user and myself into another channel.
e.g. I am in channel 1 and the user is in channel 2. I want us both in channel 3.
I tried using Massmover and it worked, with only one exeption. If there are multiple users in one of both channels, they all get moved.

Is there any command with which i can only move my self.

P.S. I dont want to use my mouse :wink:

Hello, you can keep pressed the CTRL (control) key and click on the users you want to move

as @Pingu-Io said use the ctrl
ts3 mass move

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I feel people didn’t read the question right…

The MassMover plugin sadly does not support moving clients by ID or name.

So I think there is currently no way of doing so.

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