Multiple Instances with unique audio profile

Hello, 1st post here… be gentle :slight_smile:

So, tired of Discord hogging resources and crappy audio quality decided to give TS3 a try because I’m looking for a very particular solution for my D&D group, here’s what I got so far:

  1. So I need to run multiple TS clients and successfully done so by using “-nosingleinstance”;

  2. Now I need to configure each of these “clones” by linking them to different audio profiles (different soundcards/mics), but each time I change the config, it doesn’t stick and changes for all the others.

I’ve tried creating Identities because I read somewhere they were linked but it still changes for all of them. If anyone knows how to configure this successfully I’d be very grateful.


This is (currently) not possible.
All instances of TeamSpeak use the same files in your Userdata and thus can’t be configured individually.
What you could do:

  • Run every instance in a respective sandbox
  • Run every instance in a respective VM
  • Run every instance in a respective Container
  • Eliminate the need for multiple instances

I don’t know what exactly you want to achieve with this, but if you just want to transmit system sounds you could just use a virtual mixer like VoiceMeeter to mix all sounds into one virtual microphone device.

Isn’t that what you want to do by accident?

  • Play your music through a different audio profile (Without the help of bots)

Thanks for the reply,

I’ll try the sandbox first. The issue is that I want to inject unique sound to 4 unique users via virtual audio adapters. I have the audio part figured out, but couldn’t make it work on TS… now I know why. A pity, but at least it gives me more options than Discord :expressionless: thanks again.

Edit: Can only get 1 Sandbox on win, not multiple. VMs is the only way I guess, to make this work.

Yes and No. I want a little bit more control than just pumping music like a soundboard, etc., but personalized audio streams, unique to every user/player. It’s a bit tricky.

Unless I‘m missing something, you could set up n capture profiles, n bookmarks to your server, assign the profiles to the bookmarks. That done, you fire up n instances and connect to bookmark 1 ton n.


Capture profiles are always the Dame when using instances. The rest yes you are right! Thanks

And you did assign them to the bookmark like in ‘Manage Bookmarks’ -> [Go Advanced] -> Set Capture profile in the second, ‘advanced’ column -> Apply ? Any other way wouldn’t apply.

Also, it’s entirely possible to have different physical settings for different instances, however it’s not a very beautiful way of doing things end-user wise.
When you install TeamSpeak, there’s the option where the installer asks you where to put the configuration data. When you choose away from the default to Application Folder, AND install out of UAC (to be able to write to the location without being an admin), that’s what’s used for portable, e.g. for putting it on a USB stick. That folder can just be copied around and, when TS is started from those different folders it’ll use the ‘config’ subfolder for settings.
In fact, if I remember correctly, the logic is simply ‘if there’s a config folder in my directory, use that, otherwise use appdata’. Hence, you should be able to just copy the installation folder you currently have to someplace outside UAC, create a ‘config’ folder in it and even copy the contents of %APPDATA%\TS3Client in there.
If you start TS the usual way, it’ll take the settings from appdata, if you start the executable in the copied folder, it should use the settings of the config folder in it.


O M F G yes, you are absolutely correct. There is an option in the bookmarks to specify audio in and out profiles in the advanced options! This gives me mixed feelings… first it makes me kind of upset there’s not any documentation on this (that I could find and I tried my a-s-s off), not in the KB or here in the forums. People were kind enough to chime in but not with pinpoint accuracy. And then YOU COME IN :slight_smile:
TS works really well and it’s options make it a better audio option than Discord by far, but from a reading resources POV… man it’s harsh!

Thank you @thorwe for your help. Looking forward to test that beta, keep it up.

PS: if you have a spare beta invite you could always kick it my way :wink:

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