Multiple Joystick Hotkeys


I have multiple throttles that I use where each of them have a comm switch that I setup in teamspeak to mute the microphone when I press the comm switch to talk in game. I have setup multiple profiles for the different throttles, but teamspeak keeps using the default profile so whenever I change a joystick I have to go back into hotkeys and change the settings to the new throttle. I am trying to figure out a way to do that without having to go in and change the setting every time.

Is there a way to do this? I just want to be able to switch throttles quickly and then that particular comm switch will mute the microphone in teamspeak.

Thanks for the help!

When you have different profiles, then you you must use them. Only one profile for capture, playback and hotkeys can be active per server tab.

You can change or clone your bookmark and set different profiles there or change it in the Self menu.

Or add more than one hotkey with same function but different button/device in just one hotkey profile.