Music Bot gets quieter when noone talks

Hey! I have a problem with music bots (occures both on Discord and TS3). Whenever i am in a channel with a music bot, it gets quieter when noone talks. I dont really know why. I think it may be some kind of “Continuous Sending disabled” or “Background noise” thing. As said, i occured on discord as well, so it may also be a problem with my headset. I am using the Nari Ultimate by Razer. I have already looked in Razer Synapse, but i cant find anything like that.

If anyone can help, please help :slight_smile:

which music bots?
(Sinusbot or ts3music bot or etc…)
Have you looked at codec settings or client settings?
I use sinusbot on ts3, there is no such problem to me.

As I said, it appears on discord as well, but I dont know which music bot they are using

I dont think it matters