Mute for everyone in the channel

Is it possible to somehow configure the output of mute for everyone in the channel by one button?
I tried the CrossTalk addon, but maybe I’m too stupid to understand how it works.
What I want to do:
We all know when we go on a raid, people talk a lot, and I want to hook up everyone except myself in the channel where we are sitting with one button.

If you have problems understanding the Plugin you can look up for the Wiki here:

But you said u want to hook up everyone expect yourself just sound mute yourself?

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I haven’t found any information on how to disable the microphone for everyone in the channel.
Maybe I explained it wrong.
You need to have a bind to disable the microphone for everyone, or change the rights for talking in the channel.
I don’t know if this is even possible

If you want to mute the other Users in the Channel, you can easily create a “Mute” Group

But first make sure you’ve activated the Advaned Permission System (Settings / Options / Application, tick the button by Advaned permission system).

Then go to your servergroup permission, and set the yellow marked as shown below.

If an user has Channel Admin rights or sth. this value will be overwritten and they can talk again.

But anyway you can adjust the Talk Power in the Channel if you want too, I just sat the channel Talk Power to 100, and then everyone is muted in that channel. :smiley:


Yes, I knew about this method, but it’s still a pity that it can’t be done for this bind on the button))
But still, I am very grateful for your answers, thank you very much!