My default identity changes every day

Since Beta 74, my default synced identity in the TeamSpeak 5 client changes after the daily PC boot. I use an identity 3 times, that means it has 3 different nicknames and every day the identity with the other nickname is selected again. On my other synchronized devices or TeamSpeak 3 clients the identity is not changed.
However, as soon as I restart my PC several times a day, I don’t have the problem.

There was no problem here before the update to Beta 74.


I can’t reproduce this. The same identity is used for a bookmark with default or quick connect.
Did not matter how often i restarted the client (client doesn’t care about pc restart).

in TS5 we do not support having same identity imported more than once.

And you can already set a different nickname for one identity in different nicknames. Maybe you should use that way to have different names for one identity.

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