My friends cannot connect to my server

Hello, I made a local server and I hosted it on another computer but i can only connect myself with my computer ip, when my friends try to log in with my local ip there is just an error, what am I supposed to do ?

You need to open the necessary ports. You can take a closer look at them in this support article.

Uh sorry I forgot to say it but when i hosted the server on my pc they could connect, I did everything right but idk i dont find the good adress ig?

Then you might need to open the port(s) at yourr router and set up a forwarding. There are 3 types of networks (in IP4) which are never routed. The most polular for home network starts with 192.168.

So you might need to set up your Internet connection to forward any UDP connections to 9983 to your PC where the Server is running. You probably also need to open the firewall on your PC for that port.

And probably you might think about a free DNS service, which assigns yout internet access to a fixed domain (which will be updated if the IP address changes)

If it is only the local network, check the firewall settings relating the network.


Also. Your friends do not use your local IP! Only you in your local network can and should use it.

They must use your WAN IP (The one you got from your internet Provider)

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