My IP changes every day and i want to host my own TS server

Hello, I have installed a Teamspeak 3 server on my Windows PC, have forwardet the ports etc.
Now my problem is that my IP address changes every day.
Can someone help me how I can manage that the IP no longer changes.

Thanks in advance! Sry for my bad English I’m German.

You need to contact your internet provider for that.

Optional you host the ts server on a rented machine where IP does not change or your rent a server from Find a host | TeamSpeak

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What should I ask my internet provider?

If it is possible to get a static IP for your internet connection.

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It’s not possible with my internet connection😭.
Is there another way to do that?

Get a Domain (from a DNS provider) and there you update the IP with on of their clients every day. And your users you give that adress.

Or do as i wrote in my first reply.

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I can easily recommend a Dyn DNS Service Like Chris said.
With some router you can also configure the IP reporting in the config there. Then you don’t have to install any client and the domain is always up to date and not just when your PC is running.
There are also plenty of free services when I last used them. But nowadays domains are not really expensive.

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just go to control panel network and internet network and sharing center the change adapter settings choose your connection right-click on your mouse and then properties internet protocol version 4 double click on it and then use the following IP address there you can fill in the IP address you want