Have you rent the server or this your own Server that you created on Debian etc?


im just trying to put my key and it says invalid man
i need it to chat oin servers
but i cant cuz stupid key says invalid

Yes i know, but is this your own Server that you created on Linux or Windows? If yes the you can create a new key over the Server Query

no i joined a server
it said i need my priv key
but my priv key says invalid so i cant do nothing

and how i can create a new key
it dont even let me do the privalge keys option

im new to this so idk how stuff work man

You can do this only if you have a Server Group called Server Admin. If you dont have Server Admin there is nothing you can do. Otherwise another Admin can create a new Key for you

idk what to do

i dont own a server all i wanted to do is make a server on TS and play with my friend with this high quality no voice lag thing

In this thread (Pls help key) you mentioned you were unable to ”get your key bc ydk how to get it” and then that ”you made a txt file”.

Maybe, just maybe, you screwed up something at this point and that’s why it says ”Invalid Key”, huh?

Also, bit of advice, type a bit slower and check what you typed, because reading this mess is quite challenging.